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Our values

Discover Belgium stands for a personal approach and professional guidance tailored to your company and organization. Deliver excellent quality and guarantee service from A to Z? We think that is obvious! Read here what we think is really important. 

Discover 2.0

As true explorers, we explore and adventure every day. As proud Belgians we know our homeland and its thriving cities by heart. Stroll around in cozy neighborhoods, crash into authentic cafés or bump into tough graffiti around the corner. With Discover Belgium we want to give you, your group, your team, your customers or your partners the same surprise, amazement and amusement. Start here!


The fact that our taste buds are well developed can be called an understatement. Someone should taste all those Belgian delicacies, isn't it? We love dark chocolate, thirst-quenching beer and crispy Belgian fries. During a team building, incentive event or city trip, we go for the surprise effect and look for the tastiest places to eat. A basket with local delicacies as a farewell present? Foodies are welcome!

A la carte

Everyone's different. That makes it more exciting and fun and creates your group dynamic. We are happy to come up with a tailor-made plan. One that is neatly cast, top-notch according to the DNA of your team. Start your meeting at 8.30 am with fresh fruit juices and cakes? Kick off your incentive at sunset? Or a walking route with trilingual guidance? No problem. For every group, for every budget, we get the most out of it. A la carte, we love nothing better.

The extra smile

The Discover Belgium team is a team of optimists (yep!) and we are proud of that! From the very first meeting we look for the click with you and your company to match it with our operation and our extensive offer. Found a location? A formula that suits you? Atmosphere is the sauce that makes the customer experience unique. And we like to let those positive vibes resonate. That's why we love to treat all participants with a tasty souvenir. Curious? So do we!

Female touch

Ambitious and adventurous women together? That's what creates loads of enegery! Coming up with surprising formulas and original approaches? We like to sharpen our organisational skills and are not afraid of a challenge. Based on our primal instinct, we prepare each scenario meticulously. Proactively, practically, personally and with a female touch. This way you can be sure that every event is arranged with the finishing touches to its finest.

Original team building or a remarkable business trip? Contact us!


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