Nice Boys biscuits

Nice Boys biscuits

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Bag | 110g

Enjoy these delicious cookies, less sweet for more flavour (only 15% sugar). Because taste is important, MAD LAB does not mask with sugar. 

Nice Boys biscuits are made with stone-ground wheat flour, butter, cane sugar, candied lemon 12% (lemon syrup - glucose-fructose), hazelnut 8%, egg, almond powder, corn starch, salt, antioxidant: rosemary extract. All ingredients are from organic farming.

MAD LAB's biscuits are as independent as the team that composes them. There is no other dictatorship than that of what nature produces close to home and what man makes of it the best. As nothing is lost and everything is transformed, MAD LAB recovers the dreche, the cereals used for brewing beers by our brewer friends, to valorise it into delicious salted biscuits. Participating in a virtuous circle and fighting against food waste, MAD LAB wants to contribute to the building of change.

Organic product: Yes

Sustainable enterprise: Yes

From Belgian soil: Yes

Artisanal or local enterprise: Yes

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