Guided Beer Tours – all over Belgium

Beer Tasting Tour with a Professional Zythologist

Chances are one of the first things you ever heard about Belgium is that we are world-famous for our exceptional beer. What better way to explore the country than with a beer tour?

You’ll take a walk through one of our historic cities’ rich culture while enjoying a beautiful meal of local specialties and artisanal beers.

Discover a plethora of options for your team activity here.

A beer tour in Belgium is not only trappist beers, pilsners, abbey brews or one of the many other forms Belgian beers take. It introduces you to an integral part of the Belgian heritage.

Professionally guided beer tour

A beer tour in Belgium is richer and deeper than anywhere else -- just like our beer itself. You’ll learn to appreciate beer in a whole new way thanks to the professional tasting tips of your very own beer tasting expert.

Not only will your palate be enriched, you’ll learn all about the brewing process from a real zythologist. Our expert will guide you through the full-bodied flavours of Belgian beers and how they came into being.

Example programme of a beer tour:

  • 17h00: Welcome by our zythologist and start of the guided city walk
  • 17h45: Tasting of 2 local beers in café A with snacks
  • 18:30: Continuation of the city walk
  • 19:15: Tasting of 2 local beers in café B with snacks
  • 20:00: End of the event

Choose your favourite city for your Belgian beer tour here:

For more information about these beer tours or a tailor-made event, contact us or check our FAQ You can also call us at +32 (0)2 227 46 75 from monday to friday from 9:00 to 5:00.
Guided Beer Tours – all over Belgium

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