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Welcome to our Delicous Belgium webshop

Belgian local, craft-trade and organic products

Delicious Belgium does not offer just any product. Our range is carefully selected on the basis of a number of criteria that are important to us.

We focus on :

100% Belgian,  from ingredients to production. Our name and logo say it all. We love sweets produced by small local entrepreneurs.

Craft-trade, made in the traditional way. Each product is unique thanks to the special attention paid to the ingredients. And the main ingredient? Love (which often passes through the stomach)!

Sustainability and ecology, we and our partners produce and pack with the lowest possible impact on the environment and the future of future generations.

Organic, as much as possible. More flavour means more happiness. Satisfy our greedinees but in a healthy way, what more could we ask for ?

Discover the different categories including sweet and salty delicacies, original drinks and delicious gourmet baskets.

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