Throughout our gorgeous Belgian cities, culinary treasures await you and your team. Discover the cities’ history on a historical culinary tour, walk from sight to bite on a culinary walk or indulge in a sweet and sour treat with the entire team. Perfect for any corporate team or group of friends.

Enjoy full meals, dessert buffets, cheese and charcuterie selections, hors d’oeuvres and amuse-bouches with the entire team during your Belgian culinary walk. For an entire day, afternoon or just a special evening you can book a unique culinary experience at Discover Belgium.

Did you already have a city in mind?
Then discover our unique services based on location.

Belgian Speciality Culinary Walks

Our gourmet Belgium culinary walks will take you one step further into the incredible Belgian legacy. You will not just enjoy fine dining and beautiful historical sights as with the other culinary tours and team building tours. Chocolate tours, beer tours, Geuze tours and our unique Sprout2B Brussels tour submerge you and your team into traditional Belgian foods and specialities.

Food tours - all over Belgium

Discover the city, historical food tours - all over Belgium

Sweet and sour, tasty city walks - all over Belgium

Chocolate tours - all over Belgium

Beer tours - all over Belgium

Geuze Tour along the Brussels Breweries


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