Cantillon Geuze

Cantillon Geuze

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Sour beer | 5,5% | 37,5cl

Beer with a slightly acidic and fruity taste, delicate and woody fragrance and a dry finish that lingers on the palate.

Lambics produced at Cantillon Brewery are referred to as “young” after one year of ageing and are considered as fully matured after three years. Young beers contain the natural sugars that are necessary for secondary fermentation in the bottle while beers that have matured for three years contribute their taste and refined flavours. Bottles are positioned horizontally in a cellar and left to rest for an average of one year, this being the time required for the conversion of the sugars into carbon dioxide (secondary fermentation in the bottle). Saturation of the liquid takes place slowly and naturally, and when the lambic turns into a foaming beer it is called gueuze.

The Cantillon brewery is a family business where Lambic is brewed and where nothing has changed since 1900. The Van Roy-Cantillon family welcomes you and invites you to discover a fabulous heritage in its Brussels Geuze Museum. Beers, tools, machines and manufacturing process are of the period. 

Serving Temperature: 15 °C

Brewed in Brussels

Deposit: € 0,20 (included in the price)

Organic product: Yes

From Belgian soil: Yes

Artisanal or local enterprise: Yes

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