Speculaas spread - Aerts

Speculaas spread - Aerts

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Jar | 300g

Crunchy and yet creamy? That is the new speculaas spread from Aerts! Now you can enjoy the unique taste of Speculaas on your sandwich or toast. You will be amazed by the fine crunchy speculaas processed in a delicious spreadable paste. Mmm!

Aerts Speculaas, a family business which, from generation to generation, has kept the recipe of their delicious speculoos secret. From the dosage of the best raw materials and the finest herbs, to the treatment of the dough, to the oven temperature and the baking time, all these elements are mastered to perfection to always provide the best speculoos.

From Belgian soil: Yes

Artisanal or local enterprise: Yes

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