City games Bruges

The city of Bruges as a playground for your group! Discover here our range of unique, exciting or culinary city games. We will provide fun prizes. Because a little competition can't hurt!

Play an exciting city game and discover the local gastronomy in 3 carefully picked restaurants!

Duration: approximately 4 hours | Where: anywhere in Belgium

Looking for city games Bruges? Feel like getting to know Bruges in a thrilling way? It’s possible! Fun, adventure and team spirit, but above all gastronomical delight in 2 or 3 carefully picked restaurants are the ingredients of this unbelievable experience. Our city quizmaster will take you from one restaurant to another and in the meanwhile you’ll be playing a thrilling game in the city.

The group will be divided in smaller groups of 5-6 people. While enjoying a delightful appetiser, our quizmaster will lay out your mission: solve a quiz, do a photoshoot, solve a puzzle, take a taste test with local specialties, and it goes on! The assignments will be determined based on your time frame and the track chosen.

At the end of the event the group winner will be announced and the winning group will receive a “delicious” prize. This game is a unique opportunity to get to know your colleagues in a different setting!

"The combination of the history of the city, the walk and the tasty meals is perfect for a wonderful time among colleagues." - BNP Paribas Fortis.

Tasty city game (& Escape room)

Duration: 3 hours | Where: everywhere in Belgium

Discovering Bruges through play and taste, it’s possible! Get acquainted with the city’s hotspots while playing a fun game with your colleagues with the city centre as the backdrop. On top of that, you will get the opportunity to taste local delicacies during this exciting trip. In short, a unique recipe for an unforgettable teambuilding event!

What game is being played? What are the instructions? The group will be divided in smaller groups of 5-6 people. In a short briefing our event manager will lay out your mission: solve a quiz, do a photoshoot, solve a puzzle, take a taste test with local specialties, and it goes on! The assignments will be determined based on the time frame and the track chosen. This tasteful city game is the ideal teambuilding event that you can play in Bruges or other cities in Belgium.

Would you like to discover the city through play and taste and an escape room as the icing on the cake? Explore the city and play a gripping city game. You will remain in suspense until the end of the day, because after the city game you will be entering the escape room. We challenge you to get out of there within the given time slot! Excitement, team spirit and creativity galore! 

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City Games Bruges by Discover Belgium.

The city as a playground for your group! Different groups compete in our big city game arena. Our two city games mentioned above can be played in different cities in Belgium. In addition, we also offer an interactive city game in the heart of Belgium, namely Brussels.

Discover our city game in the heart of Belgium!

Duration : 2-4 hours | Group: 2 to 6 persons | 100% Corona-proof event

Discover Brussels in a playful way with your colleagues thanks to this interactive tour. Using an app on your smartphone, you walk at your own pace along the 20 best and most beautiful spots of the historic city centre. Thanks to geolocation, our friend Julien, a true Brussels expert, will guide you to many well-known and lesser-known sights.

After a short explanation or amusing anecdote at each spot, you will be challenged with various missions. Whether you have riddles to decipher, information to unearth or situations to reproduce, this tasty tour takes the street as its playground. Since visiting also means tasting, you will taste the most exquisite Brussels specialities. Enjoy a delicious meal, a cold beer and chocolates. Or take some of Brussels' delicacies home in a gift basket.

Who is Discover Belgium?

Belgium, a small country with a quirky but such a sympathic culture. The country with the most delicious chocolate,  golden yellow fries, a rich beer culture, determined cyclists and the softest dialects. 

Looking for city games Bruges? Discover Belgium wants to inspire teams and companies with pleasant city walks and original city games in the most important Belgian cities. We rediscover our architectural gems under the guidance of passionate guides. Hungry and thirsty? We of course stop at the nicest places to eat and drink to stimulate all your senses.

Discover Belgium is headquartered at the BeHere site, a sustainable village next to Tour & Taxis in Brussels. From here we organise fun teambuilding events, incentives, network and meeting events for national and international companies. From Ostend to Spa, from Antwerp to Bastogne, from Liège to Louvain, from Brussels to Ghent. Discover Belgium is child at home in all Belgian (major) cities. 

City games Bruges and many more!

In addition to city games, we also offer the following activities in different cities in Belgium: teambuildings during corona, culinary city walks & tours, Belgian taste workshops, cultural discoveries, boat trips and Eco Tours.

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City Games Bruges by Discover Belgium.

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City games Bruges

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