How else to describe Ghent than as a vibrant and authentic city of character? It is famous for its mediaeval history and notorious for its headstrong inhabitants, the “noose bearers”. Ghent is bursting with Art with a capital “A”. A walk through the city is a journey through time, between past and present. Ghent is absolutely the place to be!

Discover and taste Ghent & Van Eyck

Food Tour Ghent

Unique culinary city game in Ghent

Discover and taste Ghent

Sweet and sour, a tasty city walk in Ghent

Tasty city game in Ghent (&Escape room)

Chocolate tour in Ghent

Beer tour with a zythologist in Ghent

Workshop Foodpairing Beer and Chocolate in Ghent

Workshop Belgian Gin tasting in Ghent

Discover Belgian beers & food in Ghent, dining with a zythologist

Unique boat tour in Ghent

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